HD Riudebitlles aims to be both a meeting place and a dynamic hub and driving force for original artistic activities, with paper having a starring role.

21st March 2014

La Havana and Sana’a. Photographies by de Tona Romeu. Till the 27th April 2014.


28th December 2013

Els vermells del negre. Paintings and graffiti by David Ribas on a text from the winemaker Joan Milà. Paintings and wine.
Until 28th February 2014.

9th November 2013

Martí Ribas presents the book of poetry Desig i Sofre, from Josep-Ramon Bach.

25th October 2013

Glop d'art. 3rd edition. Exhibition of Riudebitlles valley artists in the old town of the village.

25th October 2013:

Glop d'art. 3rd edition. Exhibition of Riudebitlles valley artists in the old town.
Until 9th November 2013

4th October 2013:

Presentation of the poetry Fragments d'una pedra by Santi Borrell..

foto invitación
foto invitación

20th September 2013:

Identitats postisses (Fausses identities). Exhibition. Graphic reading of Raixid Bonàs poems. Works by Abdellah Ahaddaf, Jaume Amigó, Albert Aragonès, Xano Armenter, Francesc Arumí, Pere Casanovas, Leonardo Escoda, Georg Massanés, Pascal Rennié, David Ribas, August Rosell and Frederic de Saint Pol.

From the 2nd August to the 11th September 2013:

Xavier Deltell: Fingerprints.

Pictures of graffiti located in industrial areas and ruins.

14th June 2013:Michèle Philippe-Arellano: Mediterranean Impressions. From Mauritania to Turkey, Michèle Philippe-Arellano has worked on paper made in Riudebitlles. Now, the artist comes back with these papers, with the footprints that her travels have left on them.
2nd June 2013: The capital visits us. Magic, novels, stories and poems told by Victoria Gullón, Mercedes Carrión and Héctor Urinén, from the Madrid’s group De Boca a Boca. Activity within the 2013 EVA festival En Veu Alta (Aloud). Alt Penedès.

Nowadays exhibition:

From the 19th to the 28th April 2013.

Rius de Riudebitlles. Three stories of the paper by the illustrator Maria Rius.

Vintage. Illustration by Maria Rius.

15th March 2013:

Larriera. Photografies about the river (between 1890 and 1950), papers and canvas by David Ribas about the river.

La riera. David Ribas. Acrylic on paper 61 x 64 cm.

28th December 2012:

Grafits. Papers and canvas by David Ribas about poems.

Riure’s de la vida com una dolça revenja. Canvas by David Ribas about a poem of Jordi Vigueras. Acrylic and spray on canvas 108 x 54 cm.

26th October 2012:

VII Biennal of art Riudebitlles. Works on paper. HD Riudebitlles takes part in the VII edition of the Biennal of art Riudebitlles, and shows a part of the selected works.

6th October 2012.

Presentation of the book of poems L’enunciat of Josep-Ramon Bach, by Jordi Llavina. Poetry reading by the author and book signing.

16th June 2012.

Papers from Michigan.
Inks and drawings from Jordi López-Alert.

7th April 2012.
Made in Japan. Exhibition of Japanese artists and catalan artists who have worked in Japan: Koh Ishikawa (photography), Keiju Kawashima (painting and sculpture), Shigeru Kitagawa (photography), Toru Matsuoka (sculpture), Hidenori Mitsue (painting), Yuji Miyao (painting), Junji Sakai (painting), Masayuki Tsubota (painting and sculpture), Saeko Wakabayashi (print), Sumaco Yasui (print), Ayako Yodoi (print), Jaume Amigó (painting and sculpture), Josep Maria Canyameras (cinema), Francesca Llopis (video and paintings), David Ribas (painting), Lluís Sans (sculpture).

28th December 2011.

Tokyo-Osaka-Riudebitlles. Drafts.
Paintings of David Ribas.

28th October 2011.

Glop d’art. Exhibition of local artists.

2nd July 2011.

Café des Voyageurs-Ifitry 2011. Exhibition about the notebooks of journey and paintings of the collective of Mediterranean artists Ras El-Hanut, made in Morocco during their stay like artists in residence in the Center of Art Contemporary of Essaouira.

28th December 2010.

Sin ir más lejos. Exhibition of 200 original Journey postcards of 55 artists from all over the world.

29th May 2010.

Presentation of The First Cloud, by Jaume Ribas and Josep-Ramon Bach, a book of lithographic art which is the result of a peculiar alliance between art as a literary inspiration and literature as a metaphor for imagery.

28th December 2009.

HD Riudebitlles. Joint exhibition of the paintings and sculptures of the artists Abdellah Ahaddaf, Jaume Amigó, Ahmed Amrani, Conxita Boncompte, Albert Casañé, Xavier Deltell, Carmen Gómez, Keiju Kawashima, Paloma Marggi, Carles Monegal, Marika Perros, David Ribas, Jaume Ribas, Lluis Sans, Ferran Texidor and Khadija Tnana.

The exposed works in the rooms and in the commun spaces keep on renewing every season. Besides the former artists, there are works of Anet Duncan and Andrea Bula.

David Ribas

David Ribas (Barcelona, 1957) studied painting and frescoes. He began his painting carrer in 1980, and has worked in Morrocco, Mallorca, Japan and Sardinia, as well as in his own studio in Sant Pere de Riudebitlles (Barcelona). He is a founder member of Ras-El-Ranut, collective of plastic artists of the Mediterranean, created in 1994.
Exhibitions of his work have most recently been shown in Tokyo, l’Alzina de Ribelles, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Algero (in Sardinia), Barcelona, Girona, Tangiers, Tetuan, Mallorca, Vilafranca del Penedès, Capellades and Saint Paul de Vence.
His work has also been included in exhibitions in Barcelona, Berlin, Béziers, Nîmes, Toulouse, Lisbon, Rabat, Tetuan, Tangiers, Brussels, and Strasbourg.